For 20 years Arctic Bear Productions has been an award winning independent production team telling natural history, science and adventure stories.

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We Love to Tell Stories About the Arctic

We are specialists in directing, shooting and producing polar and underwater narratives and documentaries. We create one of a kind imagery to transform and engage audiences. Our films have Impact! Working in 4K and 8K, Large Screen, Exhibit, Virtual Reality and long and short form TV, Arctic Bear Productions is a nimble and versatile team interested in fresh perspectives and innovative narratives. Arctic Bear houses a large stock footage library of polar imagery and marine creatures. est. 1996

Get to know us and read our biographies Sarah Robertson and Adam Ravetch

SEA BLIND The Price of Shipping Our Stuff
 Sea Blind, the Price of Shipping Our Stuff
                (2015) on IMDb
Polar Bears: Ice Bear
 Polar Bears: Ice Bear
(2013) on IMDb
Polar Bears: A Summer Odyssey
 Polar Bears: A Summer Odyssey
(2012) on IMDb
Arctic Tale
 Arctic Tale
(2007) on IMDb

What We Do

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We shoot everywhere from the North to South Poles, from Baja California to the Red Sea, Micronesia, to the Galapagos. With an watchful eye on new technology, we experiment with new ways of telling innovative stories, and have jumped into the world of VR films.


We are experienced to shoot rare animal behavior captured in very difficult circumstances; sometimes under the Arctic ice cap or on thin ice. Polar bears, walrus and narwhal are routine subjects, and sleeping by -30Cº along with the Inuit a regular pleasure.


Our research on arctic science, biology, climate change and northern geo political issues allow us to create current, unknown stories. Our interest is to inspire discussion on social cultural issues that affect our world today.

Film Screenings

Currently we are showing our latest film Seablind. The film has been shown at the COP 21 Paris Climate Talks, European Union Parliament, Dutch Parliament, Port Of Rotterdam, UNESCO and IMO, all in the effort to raise discussion on how to make shipping cleaner and transition to less polluting fuels.

Stock Footage

We have hundreds of hours of assorted polar imagery available for license. Polar Bears, Walrus and Ice – underwater and surface footage are our specialty. You can start ordering stock footage here or contact us directly.

Panel Discussions & Talks

Our extensive field experience and close work with scientists and First Nation make us excellent guest speakers on subjects ranging from arctic animal behaviors to marine climate change policiy, as well as contemporary polar exploration. Watch Sarah Robertson speak at the World Science Festival.

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“Climate change is a bunch of statistics for many people, but regionally climate change is affecting not only people but animals. We wanted to really settle in on the moments and the decisions and reactions of arctic animals when they are faced with climate change.”

Sarah Robertson
Sarah Robertson Writer, ABP

“Polar bears and walruses are resourceful learners, so over the short term they’ll find new ways to hunt and live, but they can’t do the impossible, and in the long term we really don’t know what will happen to them, which is true also for ourselves. It’s going to be a journey for every creature on the planet.”

Adam Ravetch
Adam Ravetch Cinematographer, ABP

"While the film is both heartwarming and humorous, it truly brings to life the damage the climate crisis is doing to our planet. If you are looking for a film your entire family will enjoy this weekend, "Arctic Tale" is sure to please."

Al Gore
Al Gore Independent Government Professional

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