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Arctic Bear Productions

For 20 years Arctic Bear Productions has been an award winning independent production team telling natural history, science and adventure stories.

We are specialists in directing, shooting and producing polar narratives. We create one of a kind imagery to transform and engage audiences. Our films have Impact!

Working in 4K and 8K, Large Screen, Exhibit, Virtual Reality and long and short form TV, Arctic Bear is a nimble and versatile team interested in fresh perspectives and innovative narratives.

Arctic Bear houses a large stock footage library of polar imagery and marine creatures.

est. 1996


51min | October 2013 (USA)
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Canadian Screen Awards for Best Cinematography and Best Science and Nature Documentary Program. Nominated for outstanding cinematography in the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

This is the story of a young bear's epic migration through the icy waters of Hudson Bay. Watch his desperate acts as he is pushed to the brink. Witness the wisdom and commitment of a protective mother bear. Observe the seemingly ferocious social rituals of massive male bears. ICE BEAR features breath-taking cinematography shot over twelve months, capturing rarely seen bear behavior.

For this film we used footage filmed by the polar bears themselves by using a collar camera. Watch the bear tagging and collar sequence here.

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1h 1min | Documentary, News | TV Movie January 2016 (CAN)
seablind movie poster

"As consumers we have become used to the cheap and quickly delivered goods from around the globe, we are 'Sea Blind' to the serious consequences of shipping our stuff" - Co-director, Sarah Robertson.

99% of everything we buy comes to us by ship. Ships bring us food, clothing cars, and our electronics. It is the vehicle of global trade. No shipping, no globalization. Because of their size and the immense amount of fuel they burn, ships belong to one of the most polluting industries in the world. Ships are allowed to burn the dirtiest fuel on the planet.

While the film informs about little known practices and the weaknesses of the shipping industry it does not point fingers of blame. We are all implicated!  Consumers, supply chain operators, energy producers, bunkering facilitators, ship owners are all part of the problem.

The issues raised in the film are relevant to policy fields not only in shipping but also environmental sustainability, endangered heritage and the future of energy.

Sea Blind has proven to be helpful in aiding a cross sector conversation initiate by international policymakers, NGO's and industry management.
The conversation is happening NOW!

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1h 36min | Documentary, Family | 17 August 2007 (USA)
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Two narratives -- the life cycle of a mother walrus and her calf, and the life of a polar bear and her cubs -- are used to illustrate the harsh realities of existence in the changing Arctic.

A year after An Inconvient Truth we made Arctic Tale, a Hollywood Feature doc that brought the climate change story to families around the world.

A story of unsinkable family devotion, unfolding courage and extraordinary survival, Arctic Tale takes audiences of all ages on an epic adventure inside an icy kingdom at the very top of the earth. There, a bold little polar bear, Nanu, and a wily young walrus, Seela, are about to tackle the brave new world that confronts them with everything they’ve got. More than fifteen years in the making, the film’s stunning and emotional images reveal the beauty, comedy and urgent dangers facing one of the most awe-inspiring, mystery-filled places on our planet.

A Co-production with Paramount Vantage and National Geographic Films, Directed by Sarah Robertson and Adam Ravetch.

Promoted by Starbucks Corp. Arctic Tale played a role to successfully raise awareness and funds for environmental campaigns. Watch the Arctic Tale Epilogue, where we inspire young people to engage in the climate challenge.

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ABP works with international media companies to direct and shoot some of the finest blue chip natural history sequences ever created. We have produced, directed and freelanced cinematography on dozens of films and TV shows. Many have distinguished themselves with awards and amazing distribution outlets.

Our Services

ABP is a resourceful team ready to create powerful wildlife, science and adventure narratives for your project. We work in many formats: Television, The Big Screen, Giant Screen and for the VR space.

Known for our bold, one of kind imagery, both underwater and on the surface we pair those images with surprising and emotional storytelling.

Current and deep research on arctic science, biology, climate change and northern geo political issues allow us to create current, unknown stories. Our interest is to inspire discussion on social cultural issues that affect our world today.

Directing, Producing & Writing

Sarah Robertson

Sarah Robertson is a Canadian independent documentary producer, director and writer.

Sarah’s first films show-cased rare animal behavior captured in very difficult circumstances; sometimes under the Arctic ice cap other times on top of ridiculously thin ice. Polar bears, walrus and narwhal are routine subjects, minus 30 degree Celsius cold a regular obstacle, sleeping in an igloo a pleasure and eating wild food with the Inuit an overcome conundrum.

sarah robertson lecture at new science festival

Over time Sarah transcended the theme of survival in her films. She see’s unmistakable human likeness in animal behavior and was quick to use her powerful imagery to draw human connections.

“They have deep quality to their lives and humans need to be reminded of this” Sarah says about her subjects. “We can learn a lot about ourselves from watching animals closely”.

Working with scientists in the dozens of filming expeditions into the north, Sarah has seen evidence of global climate change. Her focus has been to communicate these shifts. Sarah’s feature directorial debut, Arctic Tale made with National Geographic Films and Paramount Vantage was a first step in experimenting with the complexities of communicating effectually on the climate challenge. In 2007, Sarah was awarded The Explorers Club Lowell Thomas Award in recognition of excellence in exploring climate change.

Sarah has seen in her quarter century research in the Arctic rapid geographical, political and biological evolutions of the region and is interested in deeply understanding the implications. Her film, Sea Blind, The Price of Shipping Our Stuff is the beginning of a probe into the Arctic’s’ future as it transforms from frozen wasteland to center of World Geo Politics.

Sea Blind is having an impact and is an effective tool in forwarding the global conversation on transitioning our transportation energy sources in the effort to contain a two-degree warming limit on our world.


Adam Ravetch

Arctic & underwater cinematography

In his pursuit of the ultimate photographic challenge, Ravetch has become one of a handful of filmmakers to shoot beneath the Arctic Ice cap. Even more unusual is his perseverance in the north with 25 years working in the brutal polar environment. Ravetch has been rewarded by capturing some fantastic, first-time photographed events of the lives of polar bears, walrus, narwhal and other arctic treasures.

adam ravetch filming walrus

Ravetch’s shooting career spans from the North to South Poles, from Baja California to the Red Sea, Micronesia, to The Galapagos. He works closely with both scientists and first nations experts to get a fascinating view of the Oceans. While working in Television, Ravetch has helped film hundreds of programs for the small screen, including BBC’ Planet Earth, and has directed many sequences for Imax films and co directed a feature film for the large screen.

In recognition for his remarkable underwater work Adam has been nominated for a NOGI award (2017) the highest award in the diving world.

With an watchful eye on new technology, abp is experimenting with new ways of telling innovative stories, and has jumped into the world of VR, creating content and pieces for Disney’s The Finest Hours, Efran’s VR Film Sharks, Rochner’s Film’ The Oil Rigs Off California and The Weather Channel’s Florida’s Watershed.

adam ravetch lecture

Book a Lecture

Sarah and Adam can be booked for lectures, film presentations, panel discussion or act as brand ambassadors.

To get in touch with us for your project, please contact us:
Sarah Robertson or Adam Ravetch

Clients include The American Museum of Natural History, Rolex, Honda, National Geographic Weekend Radio, The Arctic Frontiers Conference, The Clean Air Task Force, The European Climate Foundation and The Center for International Governance.

ABP work with Scientists and First Nation experts closely, this combined with extensive research and personal field experience make Sarah and Adam excellent guest lecturers on subjects that include:

  • Specific arctic animal behaviors: polar bear, walrus and narwhal.
  • Witness to Climate Change in Arctic, Greenland and Svalbard regions from both Scientific and Social Sciences perspective.
  • Climate change policy and marine black carbon issue in arctic.
  • Contemporary polar adventure and exploration.
  • Polar Cinematography.

Film Screenings

seablind port of rotterdam screening

Seablind: The Price of Shipping our Stuff has been screened internationally in venues such as The COP 21 Paris climate talks, The European Union Parliament, The Dutch Parliament, The Port Of Rotterdam. UNESCO and the International Maritime Organization, all in the effort to raise discussion on how to make shipping cleaner and transition to less polluting fuels.

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New Narwhal Discovery

Speaker, Panel and Explainer Sessions

On Camera Talent

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes testimonials with arctic underwater cinematographer Adam Ravetch discusses his friendship with Simon, a local Inuit, filming the Greenland shark and diving in the arctic.
Presented by Ocean World One Ocean.

Stock Footage

To order stock footage from Arctic Bear Productions, please contact us: Sarah Robertson or Adam Ravetch

FORMATS: HD, 3D, 4K, and Virtual Reality.

We have hundreds of hours of assorted polar imagery available for license. Polar Bears, Walrus and Ice – underwater and surface footage are our specialty.

Press & Media

Current Projects

Arctic March: Towards 2°

Status: In development, Principal Photography, May 2017

Genre: Impact feature documentary
Production: ABP and Inuksuk Media

Sea Blind: The Price of Shipping our Stuff

Status: US Festival circuit, European Port Screenings and European Climate Foundation hosted screenings

Genre: Impact feature documentary on societies blindness to the emissions coming from the shipping industry and pointing towards potential solutions.
Production: ABP and Inuksuk Media

Ice Mission: Narwhal

Status: Reel & Package available

Genre: Bluechip natural history investigative documentary
Production: ABP, Janet Hill and Arctic Exploration Fund

The Shot!

Status: Reel & Script available

Genre: Arctic Thriller - long format narrative
Script: Sarah Robertson

Press Articles

12/05/2017 Narwhals use their tusks to club and stun prey, scientists discover

04/05/2017 Arctic Bear Productions, World Wildlife Fund, DFO documents new Narwhal behavior

22/04/2016 Seablind: Documentary sheds light on shipping industry

10/03/2016 Movies about climate change, MSN

19/02/2016 Seablind at Salt Spring Film Festival

01/01/2016 ABP work with United States Geological Survey biologists to fit camera collars on 4 female bears

20/09/2014 CBC Nature of Things: Polar Bears

23/06/2014 New York Times: Stunning New Video View of Swimming Polar Bears

21/06/2014 GOPro: Polar Bears - The Quest for Sea Ice

09/09/2013 Ice Bear 3D Emmy Nomination

01/12/2013 NOAA Ocean Explorer

23/03/2012 Churchil Wild: Touch the Arctic

07/04/2012 The Chronicle Herald: Polar Bears go Floe

01/09/2007 The Explorers

22/07/2007 New York Times: Arctic Tale Review


01/01/2014 Ice Bear wins Canadian Screen Award: Best Photography in Doc Program, and Best Science and Nature Doc Program

06/08/2013 Ice Bear nominated for Emmy award for outstanding cinematography

01/01/2007 Sarah wins The Lowell Thomas award for exploring climate change

01/01/2002 Arctic Oasis wins Best director award, Jules Verne Festival, 2002